BIJHAR Deep Utsav-2015


Dear Fellow BiJharis,

We are pleased to announce the start of registration for DEEP UTSAV 2015.

Important details:

Date: Saturday, 24th October 2015.
Time: 6 PM – 10PM.
Venue: Singapore Swimming Club, 45 Tanjong Rhu Rd, Singapore 436899. (…/Singapore_Swimming_Club_45_Tanjong_R… )

Ticket Prices (cut-off date for fund transfer and/or confirmation – 10th October 2015)

Adult $40.
Child (5 yrs to 12 yrs) $30.
No fees for Children below 5 years.

The above fees will be applicable to both members and their invited guests.

Registration Link:…/1r_00KXygPCQ7LFVhV-nknmU…/viewform

BIJHAR promises a fun-filled evening with family and friends with following

Special Features

1) Live performance by our very own Mr Ram Shankar Jajware. Hailing from Deoghar, Ram has enthralled our country by his music composition, direction and singing skills in bhojpuri and a few upcoming bollywood movies (Teri aashiqi me, Araadhyaa). Now he is travelling all the way to Singapore only to enchant BiJhar audiences.

2) Dance Performance by Members.

3) Oriental Dance Performances by Japanese Group

4) Delicious food.

5) Professional Deejay for the Jam Session.

6) Best dress prizes.

Important Notes:

1) There will be NO collection of fees at the venue. All members and their guests are requested to register and transfer fees on or before stipulated dates as above. Due to limited capacity of seat, the priority will be given based on first come first basis. No entry will be allowed without registration and payment of fees.

2) If you are bringing your maid, you need to pay full adult fees irrespective of whether she will eat food or not.

3) A member is allowed to bring only one guest family due to space constraints. No guests will be entertained directly.

4) All BiJharis are reminded to renew their membership with BIJHAR before registering for Deep Utsav event.

5) The organisers reserve its right to change or vary any rules without informing to the members and the decision of the organizing committee will be final and no argument will be entertained.

6) More details will follow as we approach the event day.

Money Transfer Guidelines

Please transfer funds to or send cheque as follows –

1) via I-Banking or ATM transfer in favour of BIJHAR (SINGAPORE)
DBS Current Account No: 020-9009-793 Branch code: 020 (DBS Clementi)
(After transfer please email the receipt to or sms to Vikas at 81071440) or

2) Issue cheque in favour of BIJHAR (SINGAPORE) & Post to 25 West Coast Crescent, #02-15 Blue Horizon Tower C, Singapore 128 047

For any queries or clarifications, feel free to contact me at 92985893 or .

Chakrapani Narayan,
General Secretary, BIJHAR,

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BIJHAR Saawan Aaayo – 2015


Dear All,

Please Join us for a colorful Saawan evening.

Venue: Makena condo function room
Time: 6.30 pm
Dress code: Traditional for men and ladies (green and blue theme)

Event Fee : $20. Adult & Kids above 10 yr
$10 – Kids 4-10 years

Please register here –

Please remit the payment to the following account details

Payment via I-Banking or ATM transfer in favor of BIJHAR (SINGAPORE)
DBS Current Account No: 020-9009-793 Branch code: 020 (DBS Clementi)


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बिझार सतरंगी होली 2015 – Video

Bijhar Mahamurkh 2015 Part-1-

Bijhar Mahamurkh 2015 Part-2 –

Mahamurkh Sammelan winner –

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बिझार सतरंगी होली 2015 में पंजीकरण प्रारम्भ हुआ

आदरणीय बिझारीगण,
आपको विदित है कि आगामी 7 मार्च को लैब्राडोर उद्यान के प्रांगण में सतरंगी होली का आयोजन निर्धारित है।
इस कार्यक्रम की सफलता के हेतु आपके सहयोग की अपेक्षा है।
सर्वप्रथम, कृप्या अपना और अपने परिवार एवं इष्ट मित्रों का पंजीकरण कराएँ। पंजीकरण हेतु फाॅर्म तक निम्नलिखित लिंक के माध्यम से पहुँचा जा सकता है।
बिझार सतरंगी होली में सम्मिलित होने के लिए पंजीकरण शुल्क प्रति सदस्य मात्र दस सिंगापुर डाॅलर है जो शीघ्रातिशीघ्र बिझार के बैंक खाते में जमा कराना अनिवार्य है। 12 वर्ष एवं इससे कम के नन्हे-मुन्ने/मुन्नियाँ इस शुल्क से आज़ाद हैं। आपके इष्ट मित्रों एवं उनके परिवारजनों के लिए यह शुल्क मात्र बीस सिंगापुर डाॅलर प्रति वयस्क(12 वर्ष या इससे अधिक उम्र) है। पंजीकरण शुल्क इंटरनैट बैंकिंग द्वारा बिझार के डीबीएस बैंक खाता संख्या 020-9009-793 (क्लेमेंटी शाखा, कोड 020) में स्थानांतरित करें।
कृप्या पंजीकरण शुल्क स्थानांतरन से पूर्व यह सुनिश्चित करें कि बिझार की आपकी सदस्यता वैध है। यदि इस विषय पर कोई शंका हो तो माननीय विकास सिंह जी से दूरभाष संख्या 81071440 पर अन्यथा उनके ई-डाक पर संपर्क स्थापित करें।
यदि होली के कार्यक्रम के पूर्व आपकी सदस्यता प्रतिस्थापित नहीं होती, तो ऐसा संभव है कि आपसे अतिथि दर से पंजीकरण शुल्क की माँग हो जाए। ज्ञात को कि बिझार की वार्षिक सदस्यता शुल्क मात्र तीस(अविवाहित वयस्क सदस्य) से पचास(सम्पूर्ण परिवार) सिंगापुर डाॅलर है।
हर वर्ष बिझार महिलाओं द्वारा निर्मित होलीभोज सिंगापुर में प्रसिद्ध है, एवं इस कार्यक्रम की आत्मा है। इस बार यह होलीभोज अनुपमेय होगा। भोजन की गुणवत्ता के आकलन के लिए मास्टरशेफ का चयन किया गया है, जो पुरस्कारों से महिलाओं को सम्मानित करेंगे। आगे क्रमशः इस संबंध में एवं शेष कार्यक्रमों के विषय में और जानकारी उपलब्ध कराई जाएगी।
समन्वय समिति
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Maker Sankranti Celebration – Sat. January 17, 2015 At Garden By the Bay, Meeting Point: -Marina Barrage

Dear friends,
Looking at current mood of Bijharis in Singapore, core committee members met today at West Cost park and reviewed various options to increase engagement and enjoyment during Makar Sankranti event on 17th of Jan.
One of the important decision made is to change the venue to Garden By the Bay, Marina Barrage . Sorry for any confusion caused by the venue change.…/trav…/travel_site_144524/5/
Event date is Jan 17th, Saturday.
Event starts at 10 AM and ends at 3 PM.
Lunch at 12 PM. Lunch will be catered from one the best restaurants as per our past experiences. We are actively working on this.
Meeting Point :- Marina Barrage
Nearest Car Park:- Car Park Marina Barrage
Please take Bus no. 400 to reach there
AGM at 1 PM
No fee required for members who have paid this years membership fee
SGD 15 for adult and kids above 6 years (Non-members or members with pending membership fee)
There will be many games for adults and children so don’t miss the fun smile emoticon
See you all then on next Saturday at Marina Barrage.
Best Regards,

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BIJHAR Annual General Meeting 2015 – January 17, 2015

Dear BIJHAR Members,

BIJHAR is pleased to announce that its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2015 will take place on Saturday, 17th Jan 2015 between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Marina Barrage, Garden By the way during the Makar Sakranti picnic.

Your kind presence is solicited.

As per the constitution, the members who have paid their membership fees for the year 2014/15 are eligible to participate. However, others coming for Makar Sakranti gathering are also welcome to join the proceedings.

BIJHAR has been reasonably successful in organizing community festivals, events, get-togethers, charity programmes, dissemination of information related to the rich culture of Bihar and Jharkhand etc. and seeks your active participation and encouragement to pursue its goals.

Introduction by President
Presentation of unaudited accounts
Lessons learnt from previous years experience
Discuss an outline of activities for the next year
Questions and feedback from the members present
Adoption of the meeting minutes by voice vote
Any other business
Vote of thanks
On behalf of BIJHAR, I look forward to a meaningful proceedings and exchange of ideas on the occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Varun Mittal
Joint Secretary
BIJHAR ( Singapore )
website :

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Chhath Puja Singapore -2014

Dear All

Below is Chhath Puja details. All Bijhar members are invited.

Kharna : 6pm onwards at Arbind/ Savita Ji House (28 Oct 2014)

125 The Makena…
26#02, Meyer road
Singapore 437936

Ms Savita : 81331210/
Arbind Mobile : 96684117

Sandhya Argh: 1851hrs (October 29, 2014)

Suryodaya Argh: 0646hrs (October 30, 2014)

location : Big splash sea side / east coast park

car park : big splash

You can contact Arbind/ Savita/ Mamta/ Prakash H for more details.

Regards/ Prakash H @ 8139 5015

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