Bukit Timah Family Trek – 6 July, 2014

It was a wonderful workout day for BiJhar’s members. Many BiJhar members participated in this expedition to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with great energy. Around 25 enthusiasts gathered at the visitor centre. The first sight of activity came from the native residents of the nature reserve; the long tailed macaques. To avoid any confrontation we chose to pay less attention to them. We started trekking sharply at 8 AM and to our delight we all reached to the summit by 08:55 AM and this provided a big boost to members who pledged to scale up their latest feat, again in near future, by replenishing their calories with tea and samosas at BiJhar’s president Mr Abdhesh Prasad’s nearby residence. A BIG thanks to the organisers Mr Brajesh Karjee and Jayanta Singh. We eagerly await the next trek.


By – Shruti Sinha


About Varun Mittal

I am a simple common man who believes in living life peacefully and letting people live. I feel evolution is the truth of life. I am extremely passionate about music and movies . I love to watch documentaries and believe history has invaluable lessons for us in its kitty. A research software engineer by profession I like to read online articles or varied streams of topics in my free time. I am an avid open source enthusiast and believe that sharing knowledge is the most effective way of strengthening and improving it.
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